Best Fun Educational Game: Minecraft for Elementary Students


Without a doubt, Minecraft is the best fun educational game today.

Today there is a fast talking and popular video game that is expanding on the world of the web that has been able to showcase how the game Minecraft may be known as the “ the ultimate educational tool” of all time. This video advises on how “Idea Channel” creators of the video, think that the game is a highly valuable tool due to the fact that the game is so versatile and customizable to use in a classroom setting. In short, it tops the list as the most popular fun educational game on the market today.

In the video they discuss how specific video games have been used for educational purposes over the years. However, the Minecraft offers a unique and new approach by allowing the player to construct their own game. This allows teachers to build a game that can be tailored in such as way to fit in with lessons they intend to teach to their students. Students are able to then able to learn and explore these games and even further customize the game.

The Advantages of Minecraft

The Minecraft game offers hours of educational fun and has been rated as an exceptional educational tool to use for elementary level students. It has been said that Mindcraft can be compared to the educational value of an “overhead projector”, in regards to the vision and skill of the teacher using it. The game is a wonderful “blank canvas” system and the tools provided can be used in such a way to better the learning experience as time goes by.

Disadvantages of Minecraft

One of the aspects of Minecraft as an fun educational game is that it will not work for every teacher and their students. Minecraft is the type of tool that a teacher may be able to use as an existing artifact in which they may be able to engage and capture the attention of their students. In addition, the enthusiasm of the teacher is just as important in order to become an effective tool.

Some teachers make the mistake of thinking that this type of game or other devices such as tablets or iPads will be able to revolutionize the way they teach their students. The purchase of these types of tools takes vision and planning in order to become a successful teaching aid and the best fun educational game.

Minecraft may be regarded as an excellent resource, however, education should not be regarded as a “One Size Fits All” type of system. Minecraft can be effective depending on the vision and skill of the teacher.

One of the features of the game as an fun educational tool would be a part of mathematics with “abstract” 3D objects, volume and area. The tools in the game are better known as artifacts that exist in order to amplify the capacity of the students. Some teachers may find the game useful in getting a point across without the use of a book. While other teachers would prefer the lecture system.

The Minecraft Effect

Minecraft a pixelated and blocky video game has managed to dominate much of the video game playing population. The game was developed by “Mojang” and this company was formed in the 2009 by a man by the name of “Markus Nothch Persson”. To date, there are only 35 people who work for Mojang and in the year 2012 the company managed to make 1.5 billion Swedish Krona.

The game has become increasingly popular among elementary school children for home use as well as in the classroom for a learning aid. However, there are a number of parents who may view the game as a waste of time, but a variety of schools will disagree and have found the potential in the game as a fantastic learning tool that is also extremely popular as a fun educational game for kids of all ages.

Some parents have seen the potential in the game and prefer their children to play Minecraft over a number of other violent and unsuitable games available today. The game is a useful learning aid for subjects such as Math and Architecture and even encourages students to solve problems and to think “out of the box”.

Most videos today, focus on aspects such as shooting and damage that can be caused to another player. The upgrades in these games are focused on weapons and fighting skills and there is absolutely no educational value in these games.

Minecraft can be played in three modes which will include Hardcore, Creative or Survival. The Survival mode is currently the most popular and the objective of this mode is focused on survival and thriving. The Creative mode is regarded as the easiest mode where the player is immortal as well as invincible along with unlimited materials to use. However, the creative mode has no real point but can be used for mathematical purposes in teaching students abstract shapes, volume and area.

Hardcore is considered to be the hardest mode and is designed for more experienced players. Parents should allow their children to play for at two hours at a time in order to obtain the best features of the game. Mindcraft used for recreational purposes can be a great game to play on the weekends and should be restricted to ensure enough time is spent on school work.

In a few interviews with elementary students who used the game for recreational purposes stated they liked the different modes that the game had to offer along with the customizable options. However, a few students commented on that they did not like the fact that gravel and sand blocks were affected by “gravity”. However, every teacher and student is in agreement that the game offers far more advantages over the disadvantages in the area of finding a fun educational game.

Teachers can use Minecraft depending on the types of learning material used in the classroom. The skill and vision of the teacher will come into play as to whether the game would be of any use. The game can be a great tool to use for subjects such as Architecture and different Mathematical applications. Overall, there have been many positive reviews about the game making this a preferred fun educational game.

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